A holiday? For dogs too!!!

Interested in vacationing in our beautiful region with your four-legged friend? We have several services set up so that he or she can also take advantage of and enjoy your holiday stay.

Dog Socialising

Take advantage of your holiday by meeting and socializing with other dogs and their owners. Enjoy a stroll or hike together on one of the many beautiful dog-friendly trails around a lake, in the countryside, in the forest or even at the beach.


Large fenced in gardens/yards allow for ample playing space and your dog(s) can run around freely and happily without a leash.

Fun and Playful Activities

Vera offers mini workshops for you and your dog four times per week from 9:30 to 11:00 am. Activities focus especially on reinforcing the relationship between you and your dog as well as offering different activities specifically adapted to the needs of your dog(s): searching & hunting games, intelligence games, agility games, clicker training, and more…


Participation is free and optional; the activities take place in cheerful and agreeable atmosphere, there is no pressure, and they are always done using positive methods.


In addition, there is a fenced in area available all day long during your stay in order to train your dog on your own.


Doggy Day-care
An adapted environment

You can, if you wish, leave your dog with us during the day, a morning, or an afternoon.


There are many interesting places to visit during your stay where it’s best not to bring your dog and even some places that do not allow dogs: museums, various markets, or other cultural events.


You won’t have worry about your choice; your dog will be in good hands with us. If your dog is sociable, he or she will be with us and our dogs in a family setting. If not, he or she can stay in an individual yard with a dog-house. Walks and extra love and care are, of course, ensured!

The holiday rentals at Les Gîtes Ki-mor are set up in order to welcome and host dogs and their owners in the best way possible: all the gardens (individual and shared) and the training yard are completely fenced in.


In each garden you will find a special area where your dog can dig without worry and you will also have access to a “doggy shower”.

Dogs are welcome inside every room of the rental unit and room to put your dog’s bed is provided.