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For dogs

Canine encounters
fun activities

Take advantage of your holidays to meet other people who are passionate about dogs to take beautiful walks together, around a lake, in the countryside, in the forest or on the beach.


The large fenced gardens also invite to play sessions, of course your dogs will be able to let off steam there without their leashes.

An animal osteopath and a canine groomer can come and offer their services directly to the gîtes. Do not hesitate to ask us before your stay to make an appointment.

Vera offers you four times a week from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. fun mini-workshops which aim to strengthen the relationship between you and your dog and to offer him various activities adapted to canine needs: research games, intelligence games, agility, clicker and others.


Participation is free and optional, but always in a good mood and without pressure, always in a positive way.


There is also a closed ground which is at your disposal all day for the education of your dog.

Daily care

You can occasionally leave your dog in our daycare for a day, a morning or an afternoon (depending on availability).


There are always places that are not pleasant or completely forbidden for dogs but which are still worth a detour: museums, markets or other cultural activities. 


You won't have to choose anymore, your dog will be in good hands here. Either you can leave him at the gîte and he will be taken out, cuddled and walked around. 

Either, if he is sociable, he can stay with us and our dogs as a family, or if not in an individual park with a chalet. Care, walks and cuddles are obviously provided.

A suitable environment

The Ki-mor lodgings are fitted out to accommodate dogs and their masters as well as possible: the gardens as well as the training ground are fully enclosed as well as the individual terraces.


In each garden you will find a space where your dog will be allowed to dig, and you have access to "the dog shower".


Dogs are welcome in all rooms of the cottages and places for baskets or sleeping your dogs are provided.


We provide you with a large freezer to store meat for BARF-fed dogs.

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