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From idea to project


The idea of creating dog lodges was born over time. We have loved traveling with our dogs for a long time and - although we are lucky enough to have a fitted van - we know the difficulties that can be encountered: dogs prohibited on campsites and in lodges, dogs prohibited on beaches and in the parks, dogs prohibited in certain restaurants... Not to mention museums, exhibitions and other cultural activities.

The problem of abandonment during vacation periods is also a factor that contributed to the idea of dog lodges, we hope to be able to raise awareness that going on vacation with your dog can be fun and easy.


The project materialized at the beginning of February 2014, with the purchase of our farmhouse. After a few months of work, the Knut and Madou gîtes opened in summer 2014. Since 2017, we have been offering you a new, larger gîte, the Smeily gîte.

Who are we?


We are Vera Schlegel and Pierre Viland. In February 2014, we moved to Plouasne in the Côtes d'Armor to realize our dream: to create a vacation spot for owners and their dogs, a place where both humans and their animals can spend moments of relaxation and complicity.


Vera has worked for several years as a canine educator and will be able to share this passion with you (if you wish) through various playful canine workshops. If you want to spend time without your dog, you could leave it in custody at the property, Vera will take care of it during the day or half a day.

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